In the time since my last update I received my own printing press in the mail. That’s right, I bought a 22×44 bed Conrad Monotype printing press which I paid for in November and received in March.

Prints come out so smooth and my output is so much increased that I almost can’t believe it. I’ve recently been working out some full color prints and feel excited about developing larger pieces in the near future. Right now I print from a crammed bedroom but later in the month will be moving into a way larger space to…print out of a much larger bedroom! It’s going to be nice having everything spread out and accessible.

Here’s video of the print layers to Acero. Acero is my dungeons and dragons character. I did this quick carve awhile back just messing around, but decided to add color layers and give them out at the next to last session of a campaign I began with some friends just before lockdown started up.

I think this owning my own press thing is going to be a lot of fun!