Hello from the tail end of five days off from work. What a long strange trip its been! I have spent the past four days printing and carving like a possessed maniac. 

Yesterday I spent ten hours carving back over nearly the entire cityscape master block. I had attempted a print by hand on some nice mulberry paper, but the edges were coming out blurred. I realized that I was finally going to either settle for really bad prints or bite the bullet and just re-carve the thing.

The problem here was that I began carving the block in summer of 2019 before I really knew much of anything about keeping your tools sharp. I think this was in part due to working for so long in that buttery soft lino  from Speedball. Speedy Carve? Something like that.

Along the way I decided to remove the pupils from  all the lurking creatures. There was a certain comical appeal to leaving the pupils in, but I feel more satisfied with the increased creepiness.

Many buildings were also edited in large or small ways as were most of the creature and human faces.  I think that all of these decisions brought more life, variety, and visual balance to the image.

“Cityscape” 2020. One color 18×24 linocut print on 22×28 page.

This afternoon I spent who knows how many hours rubbing a wooden spoon across the back of some thick Stonehenge paper. Stuff is great on a press and I could see pulling smaller images by hand, but my elbow would fall off from any more of this. I think I’ll hold the copy below for the final edition and pull the rest on thinner papers. Once these black and white copies are out of the way I can get going on some color variations before finally moving on to new large scale pieces.